Social Distancing and How to Make the Most of it

Social Distancing and How to Make the Most of it

With a vaccine likely not happening anytime soon, business owners and people across the world have had to adapt tremendously. But what does it mean to be socially distant? According to Wikipedia, the term was coined back in the 60s by a guy named Edward Hall, who said “social distance is a system for gauging the effect of distance on communication and how the effect varies between cultures and other environmental factors.”

I don’t know about you, but some people appreciate a little more space around them as they run their errands. Especially now that it is socially acceptable to give Karen the side eye as she coughs without a mask in line at the grocery store! Regardless of your stance on social distancing, companies have had to pivot to keep up with the ever-changing rules to keep patrons, employees and the public safe. Those companies that are still thriving in this changing environment all seem to be focusing on the same key areas.

  • Continual Training – Making sure everyone is fully aware of changes as they arise is critical. For example, moving from phase to phase has a ton of different implications, and letting everyone know how that effects your particular business is important.
  • Regular Communication – Back in March, everyone was getting inundated with emails from companies they hadn’t done business with in ten years. Yes there was a lot of noise early on that might not have been relevant to all customers, but as time progressed regular communications became the key to knowing when and if businesses were open, what to expect as far as client service, and what options had changed.
  • Innovation – Early on companies had to change quickly to be able to provide things like medical supplies that were in shortage or hand sanitizer for the public. As things have evolved, the most successful companies have looked outsideof-the-box to make sure they are changing with the changing times.

Foundry Commerce has been no exception to the impacts of COVID. We have put energy into helping our customers adjust and remain successful. Our software helps customers innovate, streamline, automate, and outsource critical business processes. The result is more time back in their day to spend on important and strategic initiatives that will better serve them in the future.

Six feet away might seem like no big deal. But for those trying to run business while policing the adherence to these rules, it can be a lot. For that very reason, we integrated with a third-party provider of social distancing signage to make it easier for our customers to provide and order their items right from our software. This is just one of the ways we are helping companies discover our comprehensive one-stop-shop solution for everything they need.