Order Entry Can be Quick and Easy

Order Entry Can be Quick and Easy

You've gotten off of the phone with a customer and they have just placed a huge order with you. What's next? You could login to their storefront and place the order, but they want to see a quote first. That's where OrderForge order entry beomes your best friend!

OrderForge provides distributors and suppliers with more options and functionality than any competing system.When it comes to order entry, we understand that more than 70% of orders are coming to you via email or over the phone. Which means as the distributor, you need an efficient way to cut the purchase order with accurate pricing, shipping, and product specifications.

In our advanced system, order entry starts with creating a new order. Select your customer, and the system will atuo-populate their addresses, products, shared catalogs, templates and workflows associated with the purchasing organization. OrderForge allows you to create on the fly for completely new orders and add them to the system for future reference. 

Whether you are pulling in a product from your customers storefront, a shared catalog, or a template, OrderForge allows you to build an order with multiple product types all in one cart! That's right! Add print, apparel, and hard goods all to one order at the same time. If your customer wants to see a quote before placing the order, simply save your cart as a quote and send it to your customer through the system using custom email templates for that customer.

Let's talk templates! Our team created a set of popular templates, designed to make your lives easier. OrderForge is the only system that allows suppliers to extend their templates into distributors' operating systems. For example, if you have a business card order and you know your preferred business card vendor has a specific way they like to recieve their information, you can pull in their business card template that includes all of the options available like size, stock, price and more, to customize your new order. Clone orders, set custom specifications, add products to the database for future use, or generate artwork to provide as a client preview. With OrderForge, the options are endless. 

Order entry is a necessity, but with OrderForge, we want to meet all of your needs so that you can continue to say yes to all of your customers' needs. With our workflow automation options, distributors can utilize pre-set workflows for purchasing organizations or create new ones for specific orders. Workflow automation can accomodate any need at the product, product type, vendor, or order level/ Our system allows for configuration or production steps, meaning different order line items can be phased, allowing for suppliers to ship to the proper next location in you supply chain. 

Our order entry functionality accomodates for any custom need from any client, to keep your time focused on sales and less on the administrative elements. Our one system, one solution philosophy ensures that everything lives in the same place, eliminating duplicatives entries or manual processes! Schedule a call with one of our experts today to streamline your technology solutions!