Keeping Up with “Zoomers”

Keeping Up with “Zoomers”

In the age of social media, every person, place, and thing is their own business - even though some try not to come off that way. Most YouTube creators end their videos with something along the lines of, “Remember to like this video, subscribe to my channel, and click on the merch link in my bio!” Through this clever language, influencers establish themselves as a brand and business. These “businesses” rely heavily on the print and promo industry, eCommerce, and influencer marketing to monetize their brand. As print and promo distributors it's a great idea to keep up with these highly technological Generation Z.

“Merch” stores are commonly found on Gen Z entertainers’ profiles on platforms such as YouTube, TikTok, and Instagram. These pranksters, beauty gurus, and vloggers also hold their own meet and greets, giveaways, and promotions with their sponsors. Because Gen Z-ers will look up to a guy who plays pranks on YouTube instead of a baseball star, this “merch” business is very much on the rise.

It is essential to understand how Gen Z’s buying power has skyrocketed to over $143 billion within the past year, and how these young people were raised to be consumers. According to Forbes, Gen Z is the most diverse generation, and they are also shaping up to be most well-educated.

Going back to the wide world of social media, Millennials already use online platforms for a majority of their shopping needs, but Gen Z “Zoomers” are twice as likely to shop this way, with upwards of 95% of them using social media as their main source of shopping inspiration. Social media platforms are dominated by influencers, and these influencers rely heavily on the print and promo industry to deliver products to their fans and followers. 

Keeping up with Gen Z means that we all need quick systems that move both effectively and efficiently; a system like OrderForge can do just this. We specialize in streamlining your logistics, allowing you to ensure your customers the exact quantities and qualities of materials they need. Also, as better-educated consumers are being raised, there is a growing concern for environmental-friendliness when it comes to consumption. Our solution is dedicated to committing full effort to eliminate any and all extra or unnecessary materials and packaging (and therefore, shipping costs).

Catering to “merch” means fast service, finding an easier way to keep up as the times change. Let our team at OrderForge help you stay at the front of the pack with all generations of customers!