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Streamline your customers print needs using a clean user-interface and ordering process for all static and personalized branded materials. These items can be ordered and managed easily in just seconds. OrderForge utilizes Pageflex's rendering engine for use with pre- approved variable templates that will allow for ease of conversion from your current solution.


Because we are built on the latest technology and architecture, we have been able to solve many of the shortcomings of other systems regarding promotional products. OrderForge is built to allow a user to choose numerous variants, logos, and sizing options with multiple quantities seamlessly within one product. These can be placed inside their cart as separate line items without the need for repeat visits to the product.


Sell and execute multi-touch, multimedia campaigns in the same environment where you offer business cards or apparel items. The integrated execution engine allows for hands-free deployment of your clients' marketing campaigns all within OrderForge. Campaign elements offered include:

  • Email, direct mail, and Landing Pages
  • Campaign, touch and recipient reporting views

More Features

Fully Responsive & Mobile Friendly

No more worrying about display quality on multiple devices. OrderForge Market is fully responsive out of the box. No special programming required for your shopping environments to be fully optimized for all devices and browsers.

Approval Rules

The simplest approval process includes a single step that is approved by a single user. You can also configure more complex, multi-step approval processes that include any of these properties: user, user group, cost center, product, payment method, shipment method, and custom field.

Multilingual & Currencies

Expanding your clients' portals to translate properly in multiple countries and/or languages can be challenging. Through an easy drop-down interface, you will be able to choose the preferred language and view the site with the translated content. In addition, you will have the ability to select the optimal currency and see instant exchange rates for product pricing.

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