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Manual Order Entry

Manual orders can be created, saved, and placed using the same customer information, products, and payment methods utilized when ordering online through Market. From the purchase order line item, you have the immediate ability to create new static products, along with variable products that can be personalized right then and there. Manual and online orders are treated the same, and can be viewed together in one dashboard.


Create custom multi-step processes that automate the creation of purchase orders per line item for your preferred vendor. You have the additional ability to create automated workflows that delivers orders to the appropriate vendor based on the quantity ordered or geographical location of the user. All these capabilities are available on manual and online orders.


The simplest commission rule includes a sales agent and percentage of order placed. With Manage, you can configure more complex, multi-step commission processes that include any of these properties: sales agent, product class, margin, total order, and order line.

Business Intelligence

On our future roadmap, the system will have extensive analytics and reporting capabilities to visualize any data point in the system into a selection of illustrative dashboards. These dashboards will effectively display data-driven insights regarding your business. You will have greater comprehension on performance metrics for your vendor relationships, internal cost structures, and business trends within your company. Furthermore, you can provide these same types of visual dashboards to your clients based on data collected from their portals.


In our search for the best accounting software to integrate with OrderForge, we selected QuickBooks and Microsoft Dynamics. Our criteria included solutions that were affordable and easy to use. We also sought workflow efficiencies that help the accounting process which includes automated entries, bill payment, expense reports, financial reports, and reconciliation.

Additionally, we examined cloud-based software that syncs with bank and credit card accounts making it simple to perform advanced tasks, such as running financial reports and accepting payments.

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